Welcome to our official website of Skat Limited. On this moment the website is still under construction. when their are any questions you can email us to skat.acc@gmail.com or info@skatmalta.com. this website is designed by two intership students Martijn Koorneef and Paul Nagelkerke. Visit also our Twitter and Facebook page.

About us

Logo of Skat LimitedSKAT LTD is a manufacturing company that specializes in household cleaning products, varying from Detergents, Fabric softeners, Disinfectants, Degreasers, Dishwashing, Bleaches, Sprays and stain removers. all products can be found at local supermarkets, detergent shops and grocers.

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Aria Gift schemeDo you want to help the environment? Collect the empty bottles and exchange them for points, when you collect enough points you can choose a variety of appliaces. Aria plus is helping you and the environment, the eco scheme is available until the stocks last, so hurry before its to late! For more information kindly contact the offices or email on info@skatmalta.com or skat.acc@gmail.com.                  go to the pointlist: click on me.